How can a Mastermind help your Business?

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Let me tell you a secret. Do you want to change your business in a simple but awesome way?

Well, all you have to do is join a mastermind group.

It all started when I participated in two mastermind groups many many years ago. One is a group of professional speakers and coaches with focus on a specific career goal and the other is a mixed group of five men who belong to different industries. I enjoyed attending the meetings every other week.

What I enjoy most about these groups is that they’re an awesome and safe environment to share and get business ideas, business strategies, business planning, marketing strategies and online marketing strategies for my business.

My participation in these business groups made a huge impact not only in my business but even in my personal life, especially my outlook about businesses. Removing all my fears about why I should join a mastermind group.

A bit of history of the Mastermind Groups: The principle of the mastermind group dates back to the early 1900s. During that time, Napoleon Hill was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, who used the mastermind concept to improve his businesses. Carnegie had a steel business and kept 50 men as staff to help him develop business ideas. From these ideas, Napoleon Hill wrote the bestselling book “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937.

If you want to start a business from scratch, naturally you have to build all the systems and processes alone. There lies one of your biggest challenges – wasting a lot of your precious time with your endless tasks. I know that you will feel overwhelmed most of the times.

Do you know what’s even more dangerous to an entrepreneur? Isolation – which is the greatest threat to small businesses. Alone and lacking in support, you are prone to self-defeating thoughts that will do no good for your business.

A mastermind group is composed of 3 or more entrepreneurs who hold regular meetings to share opinion and solutions to their challenges in life, whether personal or directly related to running their small business.

With the nature of the mastermind group, it will work best when all the participants feel free to share their unique views and ideas.


Here are awesome benefits of being in a Mastermind Group:

  • Awesome Support System – The entrepreneurial lifestyle is not for everyone. That is why if you meet other people who truly understand you, you know how it feels to walk in each other’s shoes, and you are able to validate one another. We all need some support especially during tough times, and it is awesome to meet other business owners who will support you. Further, you would greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of a business coach who has been there, done that.
  • Useful Resources – Everyone in your group will have access to a lot of reading materials, audios, networks and skill sets. If you need something, you can simply ask your mastermind group members – they are all a message, an email or a phone call away.
  • Reminders, Accountability and Wake-up Calls – Mastermind groups hold members accountable to short and long-term goals. Having regularly scheduled meetings forces you to follow-up on your own action plans for your business because no one wants to be the person at the meeting or on the call who hasn’t don’t their homework.

Right now you might be thinking… “Is it time for me to join a mastermind group?”

Allow me to share a few key thoughts:
1. If you are ready for business success
2. If you are willing to take action to achieve business success
3. If you are willing to both GIVE and GET help
4. If you can commit to attending regular mastermind meetings
5. If you believe it’s time for your business to evolve

Then the answer is clearly YES!


Need more convincing? Read more about the Benefits of Mastermind by clicking here.


How Can The Mastermind Help You?

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Business Evolution Mastermind Conversion
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