Business Coach – How To Find One Easily

Business Coach

Do you want someone in your life that can call you out when you need it most?

Someone who has already found success who can help you get there?

Someone who could stretch you to play a bigger game, yes?

Someone who will believe in yourself more than you do?


A BUSINESS COACH is the answer!

You need a coach to guide you. Your coach can and will give you strategic advice and the encouragement that you need. In many instances, you can refer to someone as your coach even without formally asking him or her to mentor you.

A business coach is someone who has achieved a very high level of success – that is where you want to be a few years from now. You want to follow his or her path. Your coach does not necessarily have to be your best friend.

Business coaches are there to give you advice when you need it, and they are very much willing to assist you. They are magnanimous enough to share not only their time but their knowledge as well as the tips and tricks of the trade.

Your coach does not necessarily have to be your lifelong mentor. There is no fixed duration. As I have experienced, I’ve had coaches for a few months up to a few years, and some of my business coaches eventually became my friends as well. And the good thing is, you can choose as many coaches as you want!

The problem is, you want business coaching – you probably listened to him/her or heard a lot about him/her – but that person doesn’t even know you. The feeling can indeed be intimidating and will surely bring you the jitters. However, finding a business coach may actually be easy, if you follow these tips:

1. It begins with you. Clarify your objectives. Before finding a business coach, think about your specific expectations and the role that your business coach could play in your career. Do you want guidance from one who is an expert in networking? Do you need a little “push”? Do you want to learn more about a certain industry or need someone to help you become a successful entrepreneur? Once you have clear expectations, goals and objectives, then you can now look for the right coach and create the relationships with them that will aid your professional growth.

2. Go outside your comfort zone. It’s a wide, wide world. You could meet awesome business coaches in a variety of places, so look beyond your current circle of friends. You can find business coaches at business and men’s or women’s associations in your area, socio-civic organizations such as business chambers of commerce, your college or university alumni association, within your family, church groups, even non-government organizations.

3. Approach your potential coach. Schedule a meeting with your potential coach and discuss why you want a possible coaching relationship with him or her. It is important to take this step so that there will be clarity for both parties on the terms. Set the meeting at a comfortable and convenient place where you can freely discuss ideas and challenges with your coach.

4. Be honest with your coach. Now that you’ve found your coach, it is important that you agree on your expectations and share the same dedication towards your goal. Schedule your meetings based on the availability of your coach and prepare a regular meeting schedule together with the topics to be discussed.


Interested to find your own business coach? Read on…


How I Found My Business Coach and Mentor

Many of my mentors have been both my coach, a friend and a mentor who pushed me and stretched me so I could grow as an entrepreneur and as a person. I was able to step out of my comfort zone – cold calling, promoting, public speaking and other things I thought I couldn’t do, I was able to do them!

I’ve interviewed very successful people in all walks of life. Many millionaires and billionaires and I would say that many of them mentioned that if they could be of help in any way, they would be willing to help. I’ve talked to them for many hours about the specific personal and business challenges I’ve had. I’ve gained knowledge through their experience and felt their support countless times.


Inspired by my short story? Here’s 3 steps on how to do it:

Step 1: Foster Connection and Start the Relationship

First, identify a few potential people that you look up to. Five years from now, how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself successful just like your career models? Therefore, find someone in your industry who could serve as your model. You would be able to relate with him or her because you have common interest.

Identifying these career models would be quite easy. You can think of the people you know or follow. You can also think of your competitors and see if you can find a niche that is similar or complementary to you. For example, you sell ______________; you can look for someone who has a company that sells ________________. That way, you might have the same target market but you are not competitors.

You might find it difficult to look for a specific person. That is perfectly fine because anyone who is successful in business can help you sort your confidence issues, your problem in finding good team members, or other things that you need advice for.

Start the Relationship

Schedule an interview with them. I’ve expanded my network by using the book authorship model. If you want things simple, you can just post your interviews on your site.

Send them an email. Find someone who is very visible online; surely, you will find their email address.
Attend a conference/seminar/networking event. It is best to actually meet people. And if you are both local, it is very convenient to invite them for lunch or coffee.

Action Item:

1.1 Make a list of at least 10 potential mentors. Check facebook and other social media sites or ask recommendations from your friends or family.
1.2 Write down how you can initially meet your potential mentors. There are many awesome ways!


Step 2: Be Willing to Give First and Value the Relationship

Bob Burg, a well-known author, shares one of his laws, “The Law of Influence.” This law states that your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

To apply this law, don’t ask first. Give to a potential mentor first.

My experience: I decided to have an online business. However, I needed help for the ins and outs of online marketing. When I created a mastermind group, it was then that I found a mentor. I was lucky the opportunity just presented itself to me. It so happened that my mentor wanted to try some e-commerce concepts overseas and I was in the country that he had in mind. He was thinking of trying these e-commerce concepts, so I advised him that I can manage his idea in that country while he builds the concepts for this ecommerce idea.

He agreed on the idea. Soon, we began working together and actually became very good friends. As we continued our interaction, he shared his online marketing strategies with me, gave an honest critique of my business websites and recommendations on what to do online. We have now worked together for many years and that initial partnership paved the way for my online success.

Based from my interview with many successful people, most of them also suggest that they want to see initiative and giving first, before they mentor a person.

Deepen and Value the Relationship

It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS!!

As you continue to learn from your mentor, at this step, you need to deepen the relationship.

Generally, you have to see to it that you maintain interaction with them. You can do this by communicating with them, helping them in the way you can, send an email, connect on Facebook, send them a small personal gift.

Think of other ways to keep the interaction going. If they have certain hobbies, invite them to a fun activity to do that. You can also invite them to functions or to an exclusive event.

Everyday I receive a lot of emails from the awesome listeners of my business training programs. After a few exchange of emails, or seeing them on Facebook many times, or getting a personalized gift, I learn to identify and remember them. In turn, I want to help them more because I feel a certain connection with them.

Action Item:

2.1 Figure out how you can help your mentor through your skills, knowledge or network. They may be light years ahead of you in terms of success but maybe you can find a way to contribute something to him or her!)
– Write a testimonial
– Become an affiliate of their business
– Introduce them to a top influencer they might be interested to meet
– Ask if you can work for them for free for a certain period in exchange of the business training they will give you
– Help them gain more publicity and followers
2.2 Think of a creative idea that will deepen your relationship with each potential mentor.


Step 3: Ask! Ask! Ask!

I know it would be weird to formally ask, “Can you be my mentor……?”

Find ways to build your mentoring relationship, and then if you have a problem, whether business or personal, that you know they can help you with, just ask them!

After a show, I had a chat with a millionaire and realized the wealth of information he had that could help me so much. So I invited him to meet with me at another time since I had another meeting. We scheduled the meeting.

He even let me know that if ever I had any questions, he was there to help me. We had talked every other week for a few months, he even supported my programs and gave me feedback, and talked to affiliates for me.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that awkward ask.

However, some relationships will never turn into a mentorship, accept it, and just look for another mentor.

Now it’s your turn. Make it your priority for this month to look for a mentor. Surely, it will cost you time and effort, but the rewards will come to you a thousandfold in the future.


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