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Mastermind Meeting


The key point here is that during meetings and sharing sessions, our objective is to express our challenges and find answers for our business and even our personal challenges.

An effective formula to hold an enjoyable and productive session is to firstly give each person a time to “share.” And the sharing revolves around these 4 key quadrants:

Quadrant 1: Updates
– What progress have you made so far?
– How did you go with your 90-day Action Plan?

Quadrant 2: Current Awesome Challenges
– What are your obstacles right now?
– Why do you consider it a challenge?
– What do you believe is holding you back?

Quadrant 3: Accountability through 90-day Action Plan
– Action Plan aims to push us outside our comfort levels
– Make SMART Goals

Quadrant 4: Add Value to Others
– Purpose is to continuously think of something for others
– Share a resource: connection, article, idea,
– Share a success: strategy that worked for you

This is not a class nor a training program. Each meeting is focused on helping the mastermind members in whatever way that will serve them best. It may tackle a challenge, solve a problem, make a decision, create an action plan, or brainstorm.

It is up to each member to bring whatever is most important to him or her for that meeting and sharing session. If you are stuck allow me to share a few topics below.


What topics can I bring up in a Mastermind meeting?

The key here is to utilize your time, when attending the mastermind meeting. In terms of topics, it is really anything related to your business, both practical questions and self-development topics. Allow us to share some topics related around our Business Evolution Mastermind themes:

Preparedness Planning
– Creating an overall and effective vision for your awesome business
– Setting SMART fees for services and products
– Creating new product or service ideas
– Working on your “big picture”
– Figuring out where you’re self-sabotaging your own success
– Whatever it is that keeps you from creating abundance in your business and your life!

Optimize Online
– Marketing questions and help with specific marketing strategies
– Request for people to review a new page on your website

Simple Systems
– Dealing with frustration and time constraints
– Designing programs for your service business
– Finding joint venture partners or strategic business partners
– Keeping motivated when you’re overwhelmed

Productive People
– How to deal with a difficult client, colleague, employee, or boss
– Being recognized at work, setting boundaries and creating a productive work environment


How Can The Mastermind Help You?

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